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Error code 5410 drive off assist fault


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Hi guys. New to this so hope I'm in the right place..  had drive off assist fault come up on the dash. Took it to a garge near myself who plugged it in and it told them nothing apart from what was on the dash. Any ideas what needs to be changed or should I just take it Porsche. Thanks for your time.

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Hi Saddy! 


This is a fault with your hill-hold function as it's often called.  Basically when the car is on an incline, the system will hold the car until you've selected a gear and moved off, or for a max of 8 seconds (or something like that).  The failure won't cause you normal driving issues, but the warning will keep beeping at you.  Theres a module on the gearbox that probably needs replacing, not too expensive.  I'd get yourself along to an independent Porsche specialist to have it checked.  

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Hi spannerman 


Brill thanks for that mate. I'll try and find someone too have a look at it. 


Hopefully can get it sorted 


Cheers Dan 

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Now I know I have ‘Hill assist’ ??


Had wondered as the car seems to ‘hold itself’ on the incline out of the station car park. 


Maybe I should read the owners manual sometime....


Hope you you get the snag with yours sorted Saddy. 

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The brake switch is extremely inexpensive and easy to change.  It shouldn't be more than half an hour of labour + cost of the switch.

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