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My first Porsche... Cayman 2.7 PDK


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That's a gorgeous looking car! How do you find it compared to your previous cars given its your first Porsche?

Is that the standard (I'm unsure of the name) silver or something different like GT silver? 

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It is far nicer to drive than 9 BMWs (1986-2003 models), a DB7 (1997), Merc E350 (2010), Audi TTS (2012).

FAR nicer!

Previous favourite car was a 2003 E46 330ci MSport Convertible. Had this for 9 years!

Cayman colour is Rhodium Silver Metallic. Has a bluish tint to the silver. 


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Not it's an older one, GT Silver.  Would love a new one like you have though, it's really lovely.  I put a picture in my car thread, I will take some more at the weekend.  

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On 28 November 2015 20:53:19, Beanoir said:

What's your thoughts on the car after a couple of weeks now Dave?


Absolutely smitten by it.


Best bits are PASM and using the PDK in manual to get into the high revs (when not commuting!). The sound is addictive, but so little opportunity to get the revs up.


Off to Silverstone 17th December for a half day 1-2-1 training in it - my birthday present from my family. Looks fantastic...

See: http://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Attraction_Review-g499614-d3936857-Reviews-Porsche_Experience_Centre-Towcester_Northamptonshire_England.html

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2 hours ago, Uncle Dave said:

Awesome birthday present! 


Have you tried the launch control yet?  If not PEC is a good place to try it out ;) 


I paid a deposit on a 2013 Aqua Blue one a few weeks before buying mine, which had SC & PSE...




...but on his way to get the 121 point check done for me at his OPC the seller was rear ended by a Peugeot, so off I went and found the current one. 


This one has no SC, so no launch control, but then again in 15 months with my TTS, with launch control, I never used it once! So, no great loss.


Happy to have swapped SC & PSE for PASM and 14 way seats. It was obviously God telling me to go for a more comfortable ride!

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More recent pics, after the plate change...






3.5k miles now in the 3 months I've had it. No real issues apart from multi micro stone chips to the wheels but I've had some money from Porsche GB towards a re-furb in due course.


Hasn't used a drop of oil in that time. First service due in May at 20k miles. Tyres should be due a change then too.


Getting mid-30's mpg, 40 on a run. Still loving it.

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200 miles today, Hereford and back, and I'm impressed with the average fuel economy 50/50 on motorway and A roads at just over 42mpg indicated.


I'd have been lucky to get 32mpg out of my previous TTS. How the new 718 can be more fuel efficient than the 981 with a turbo'd 2.0 4cyl engine similar to the Audi's I can't figure? Technology keeps leaping ahead!


Oh... and one new feature I've just figured out: "Coasting mode". Helps a bundle with fuel economy. With stop/start left on, when you take your foot off the gas the engine disengages and idles instead of matching revs to the gearbox. It actually far cleverer than this in what it does, but it would take an age to explain...

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Here's a few "coasting" facts... if you take your foot off the gas the gearbox disconnects so you coast, apply the brakes and it re-connects to give engine braking.


Take your foot off the gas quickly and the gearbox doesn't disconnect so as to aid emergency braking. Apparently doing this also lightly applies the brake pads to the discs in  preparation for emergency braking.


Clever, these Porsche designers.

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