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Cayman 981 buyers guide?


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Hi all,


I'm one step closer to being an owner of a 981 2.7ltr Cayman. Before finalising the purchase, what should I really be looking out for in terms of the servicing and general maintenance of the car? I'm purchasing from a non-Porsche dealer too.


It's a 2016 car with just under 9,000 miles. It has a full Porsche service history so I've asked them to send me the document via e-mail, I've asked whether the tyres have been changed and salesman said it probably hasn't been changed since new and reckons they're still within the legal thread limit (I'll check on the day of collection though).



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a 2 year old car with that mileage would be due or had done its 1st (minor) service if you follow porsches(daft) 2 year schedule and due its 2nd (major) services after 4 years or 40k miles.


if a car with that low mileage had already gone through a set of tyres i would be worried as it would indicate some hard usage.

the tyres are date stamped if you want to know how old they are.

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Presumably this car has the residue of the Porsche 3 year warranty,  (Porsche dealers offer 2 years on used Porsches).  You say it has full Porsche service history.  But at 9,000 miles, what does that amount to?  As banjo says, it should have an intermediate maintenance service carried out after 2 years, (or 20,000miles).   That only amounts to little more than a general inspection with changed engine oil and filter, particle filter and air intake pre-filter.  


As was said, look at the tyres.  Pirelli N0 tyres are susceptible to cracking, particularly between the treads.  If that is so, I would insist on a full new set, preferably not Pirellis, unless maybe their N1 version.

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The 981 OC Buyers Guide is currently in draft form, will be published in the Autumn.  


Needless to say though, there is already plenty of knowledge from the members here.  An independent inspection would be a good idea if it's your first Porsche or, worth speaking to the OPC that serviced it. 

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8 hours ago, Rsharp said:

Any update on the buyers guide?


Yes, we've published it here: 



You may also want to check out a recent edition of CAR Magazine that featured a 981 buyers guide which we also contributed to.  You'll find more deatils of the magazine in this thread, I'm sure you'll be able to get the magazine still on back issue (or online subscription)




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