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Broken / Snapped Exhaust Manifold Bolts

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Hi all,


I know there have been a number of posts before and 987's are known for breaking the manifold bolts. I had heard of  Stomski Racing jig, but at $342 isn't cheap for a tool used hopefully only once.


However, I have seen a company in the UK that you can rent the tool at £50 inc VAT +  £150 deposit



Don't know if you guys have rented or used this before?




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There are a number of ‘stud doctor’ (no sniggering now), stud repair mobile firms who specialise in this type of work. My understanding is that a large proportion of their work is to the garage trade. Try a look on the web to see who is local to you.

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I had the same issue, makes the exhaust rattle horribly. Took it to a local race engineer who managed to get the bolts out, replace the metal gasket thing. Cost between £2 - £300. But it is a sod of a job, unless you are very mechanically minded.

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I had mine done by a local specialist  for about £300 - not easy to do unless you know what you are doing.  They had to cut some of the bolts off (some rust into place then rust away giving the exhaust rattle) 

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6 hours ago, Red Square Images said:

Sitting in the dealer now! Just heard my bolts are "corroding" but not gone yet. Will need to keep an eye on this. I cant understand why they're so expensive to replace? Can anyone enlighten me? 



Purely labour time, if they’re corroded they are a pig to remove.  I think you're talking about the exhaust bolts rather than the manifold bolts though, slightly less of a concern. 

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Having done this job on my old 987 a few years ago, I can confirm it's a complete pig of a job as a DIY.  


Given the cost many specialists charge for removing the rusted/snapped studs, for only a couple of hundred quid more (plus the tunnel cost), you could get Gert Carnewal to supply and fit one of his modified exhausts and he will deal with the studs as part of the service.  


Tie it in with a short trip to Bruges or similar and it starts to look like a no brainer!

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Just to clarify, the Carnewal option will deal with the corroded studs at the flange joints between the manifolds and rest of the exhaust system, not the bolts that attach the manifolds to the heads.  


As far as I'm aware, it's at these flange connections where the leaks typically occur, not the manifold to head connections.   

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If you're talking about the manifold to head bolts from personal experience I can tell you, they are a nightmare and I don't like using that word but it best describes what your up against if they break.

I still have my 986 Boxster and 2yrs ago I decided to tackle a leaky RMS. While in there I thought I would change the IMS bearing / clutch /flywheel / slave cylinder/ etc etc etc...

So to get the gearbox out you have to remove the exhaust but there was no way I could drill out those heavily corroded pressed in bolts 

This is a link to the thread on the 986forum   http://986forum.com/forums/performance-technical-chat/70662-anyone-got-cam-locking-tools.html

So I decided to remove the whole lot from the heads. 8 out of 12 bolts broke off! 


I hope you can see the photos of the exhaust bolts, the broken studs , the tool I had made to drill out the 8 broken manifold bolts.

It took me about 4 weeks as doing 1 stud was physically and mentally draining but I got there and replaced all with Stainless Studs and nuts...oh forgot to mention I have a 4poster lift , I wouldn't want to attempt this on the garage floor.

So if you're thinking of fitting a complete new exhaust system , bear in mind what might happen when you or your mechanic go to remove those factory bolts.


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