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The ever spiralling costs of parts....


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  • 4 weeks later...

Well done you ! Great price that. And I can tell your genuine excitement 👍

Screw worrying over smashing into the penny jar. Think of all that added interior gorgeousness instead.....


Looking forward to pics of it fitted. 

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13 hours ago, Windymiller said:

Santa’s come early for me - just found and bought a sports design wheel on eBay for £375! 🎅🏻😁


The seller took it off his 2013 991 yesterday to fit an Alcantara wheel. I can’t believe I’ve found one at <1/3 of a brand new one 😮👍🏻


Am so chuffed I’ve finally got a sports design wheel, but oddly also kinda sad at the prospect of now smashing my Porsche Fund penny-pot 🤔😱😢



Thats a good find and a great price. Happy to give you a hand fitting it/clearing airbag faults if required. 

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Thanks 748 and Dougle - it should arrive this wknd. Will let you know how I get on with fitting, having watched a couple of videos it seems simple enough and I’ll disconnect the battery negative terminal before disconnecting the airbag module to hopefully avoid any error codes. 👍🏻

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2 hours ago, Ben said:

Looks great!  Any issues when fitting it?

Thanks Ben. 

it was very easy to remove the original wheel and fit this. If you watch the wheel swap video on the cayman TV area on here it Shows you how very well. 

just disconnect the -ve terminal on the battery first. 

one point I’d highlight is, after you’ve removed the airbag and disconnected it from the wheel, there is a further electrical connector in the wheel that plugs into the ‘slip-ring’ on the steering column. Be sure to unplug this before attempting to pull the wheel off the steering column. 

I torqued the bolt up to 34ft lbs as per several sources referencing (you need a Torx T55 socket - £7.99 in Halfrauds). 

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