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Annoying noise when cornering


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Hi all,


I have had a really annoying noise for the past couple of weeks in my car when cornering. It seems when driving at low speeds (a couple of mph) an almost 90 degree corner, more noticeable on a left-hand bends I can hear what sounds like a metal sliding to the right-hand side of the vehicle; when sat in the drivers seat I think it comes from further forward. A couple of months before, although may not be related I had a Porsche specialist replace both strut mount tops.


Already looked at -

Battery is secure

Nothing in front trunk

Nothing lose in driver cabin

Nothing in door pockets


I did take the car to a german car specialist and they couldn't replicate the issue, and couldn't find anything wrong. On thinking about when it happens and the sound, I wounder if it could be something to do with the anti-roll bar?


Any thought?

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Any juddering from the steering wheel? Does it do the same when reversing? Does it stop when braking (or get worse)? Are the wheel bolts correctly tightened? Is the noise a scraping noise or a rattling noise?

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Thanks all for the replies.


@Tozerman  I tried removing the toolkit, no change

@Mavrik  I did think that also. I tried swinging the door open/closed to try hear the noise and nothing??? I might end up removing the door card and checking anyway... at some point

@briggy  No juddering from the steering. I would have to try doing a reverse J-Turn at speed to replicate. I haven't touched wheel bolts, as i'm really no mechanic. No scraping or rattling.

@Beanoir  No clunk, just sounds like metal sliding

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