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6x9 Infinity Reference Engine Cover Insulator

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Just fitted my 6x9 Infinity Reference speakers in the rear engine cover insulator...

I bought a spare cover so the original is uncut 😃

Epic sound staging now with my Infinity Reference door/dash components & Kenwood underseat sub & Pioneer DVD HU

I originally fitted upgraded speakers in the factory rear suspension turret positions but they sounded naff as too small 😐





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1 hour ago, Dougle_turbo said:

Have you got some photos from the rest of your install?


No I haven't... Was pretty simple however.


Fitted a "riser gasket" below the speaker body to give enough space & used a dremel to cut the hole etc.


I know it may not be deemed as "appropriate in a Porsche" by the purists but the factory 4in speaker positions in the rear turrets are way too small to give a decent bass response... As a result the sound staging is much improved 😄... I will prob remove the speaker grilles as the cones are a similar colour to the carpet :35_thinking:

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38 minutes ago, Aaron said:

I keep seeing this and facepalming.  I'm sorry.  Forgive me. :D




lol... Like I said... It's not for everyone :sAng_stirthepot: ... Function over form... Every system I've heard that just uses the rear factory speaker positions sound naff imo... You can't beat some high RMS 6x9's lololo

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I spent a good part of the 90's sticking Infinity speakers into every car could!

I always sub mounted them though, nice clean install, is there room under the cover to sub-mount then cover with the correct cloth?

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lol... Same! ... In fact these were from my install on my old Capri 2.8i


Also had Infinty in my Jag XJ40 :sAng_stirthepot:


There's no room to sub mount them... I had to fit a riser gasket to give enough clearance... No noticeable extra engine noise or heat etc

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