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Is a Porsche a show off car?


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In separate conversations, my sister referred to my new car as snazzy, my sister-in-law as swanky,  and my girlfriend as a show off car. There's a pattern of perception there, I think! None of my male relatives have made such off-centre remarks. I tried to explain to my girlfriend that the shape of the car is a result of inescapable engineering logic and nothing in the design is there to show off. Porsche, I further explained, is a respected manufacturer of sports car, and sports cars, being free from the design imperatives of family cars etc, are inevitably more beautiful in their lines. My girlfriend concluded erroneously that the Porsche is a sports car but is also a show off car. 

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Of course it is. The fact you came here, to an echo-chamber, might even prove to you that it is.


That doesn't necessarily mean you bought it to show off with, but a not-insignificant portion of owners will never really care about the handling, or the engineering, or the lap times. Porsches do look good, and through no accident! They are in fact designed to look good. All cars are.


Forget what others think and just drive the car for the reasons you bought it. Reasons like "engineering logic", from the sounds of it.

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I must admit, this is one of the things that has caught me out most during my first year of ownership.


I bought my 987.2 base for £19.5K from a specialist in July last year. Whilst this is undeniably a huge amount of money to most people in the UK, it is the equivalent of buying a well specced Fiesta brand new, which no one would bat an eyelid at. It's a 59 plate, and I have had people asking if it was a year old (mistakingly thinking it was a 69 plate). I think the mid engined layout and the classic, unfussy looks give the impression of a car that is far more exotic and expensive than it actually is.


For me, this probably detracts from the ownership experience more than it adds, though I completely understand that for others this is (entirely reasonably) a positive aspect of ownership.


Mine is Aqua Blue, which is bright and eye catching. I do wonder if one of the silvers or, preferably, Meteor Grey cars would suit me better.


Reading this back, it seems like a rather somber appraisal of ownership, so I feel compelled to point out that I have loved owning, working on and, most importantly, driving the car since I've had it. I have done several road trips to Wales already with more to come and I am particularly excited for its first track outing in June!

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14 hours ago, Eddie1996 said:


For every yellow or orange or light green Porsche - the big show off colours - I bet there's a garage, such as the one in which Windmiller keeps his car ensconsed. :)



Well it’s just a regular garage - not a carcoon or owt exotic 🤷‍♂️



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