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Newbie from Peterborough says Hi...

Davey P

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Hi from another Boxa forum refugee ! ( JohnSyn). The car looks great but what's better is your smile! Thats what these cars are about. 

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Welcome Davey to the unfortunately acronymed, yet affectionately termed, COC 😉


Truly sorry to hear about your fathers passing, but I’m guessing he would greatly approve of your choice of car, which is a stunning looking example, with ‘shopping trolley’ miles on her - what a find 👍🏻

Hope you find ‘tin-top-cayster’ ownership as enjoyable as your former ‘lidless-cayster’ experience. 😁

Hopefully get to meet you and your new P&J somewhere soon. 



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Thanks for the warm welcome and nice comments guys, much appreciated.


I forgot to mention in my introduction, the car came from RPM Technik in Hertfordshire, and they were brilliant from start to finish.  Obviously because of the Covid restrictions I wasn't allowed a test drive, and of course nobody in their right mind would even consider buying a car without trying it out first.  However.... after chatting to their salesman Alex on the phone, and seeing a WhatsApp video showing all around the car, I thought it was "worth a look" (In other words, I was almost certainly going to buy it xD).  As soon as I saw it, I knew this was pretty much a done deal, and I just had to have it.  Unsurprisingly, his P/X offer on my 2007 Boxster wasn't great, and he was only willing to knock £250 off the screen price as a good will gesture.  However, he did say if I could sell the Boxster privately the deal would stay the same, so I advertised it on Boxa.net and found a buyer within a couple of days, for a bit more than the P/X offer. A week later the Cayman was delivered, and after a couple of months ownership I can safely say this is easily the best car I've ever had.


No plans for any modifications, apart from a full set of Zunsport front and side grilles which are in my garage and will be fitted soon.  To me, the car is simply perfect in every way, and needs nothing to improve it.


Anyway, enough of my ramblings, I look forward to being around here for a very long time (I'll leave it up to you lot to decide whether that is a good thing or not......)

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