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First attempt at front grills Mesh

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Nice work!


While you might've gotten away with a little smaller, larger mesh is probably good for the sake of airflow anyhow. My understanding is that, as you move to finer meshes, flow is affected non-linearly. Very fine meshes become barrier-like. I know people say it doesn't make a difference, but it empirically does - it's just not a huge problem in UK weather with street driving (even enthusiastic street driving).


In my head, the mesh only needs to be sized to avoid anything particularly likely to cause damage: bigger pebbles/rocks. Suspect you'll get that effect out of this.

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+1 for zunsports. Fitted mine the day I bought the car 2017. 

when I took the bumper off for painting this March there were barely any leaves, bugs etc stuck in the rads / condensers, and no significant stone dints in the fins. 

some people don’t like the fact that the 987 zunsports site in front of the horizontal slats in the bumper grille, but how often are you looking at / wondering about your grilles whilst driving the car 😉


Certainly 981 and 718 grille sets fit in between the slats, which does look a bit more ‘OEM’. 🤔🤷‍♂️

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On 29/11/2021 at 16:04, futureechos said:

After 1 week of ownership I’d found a lot of leaves and crap in the front by the condensers which took a while to clear out, I’ve had a first go at adding DIY mesh grills. Should see us through the winter then I think bumper off next year to do a more pro looking job. The £100+ cost of the bendy mesh seems a bit much so I gave it a go with 8mm semi rigid plastic mesh for <£10. Cardboard template then cut the mesh with scissors.. cable ties and job done.

I found:
1) Smaller mesh would be better, but getting the zip ties in a smaller hole would be very fiddly. Bumper off with finer metal mesh is better in long term


2) The semi rigid plastic may not fully stop stones at 70mph! But will at least take some energy out of it and might save the condenser.. so best will be metal with bumper off install. It will stop leaves though. 

3) Was expecting some rattle or noise with them on, can’t hear a thing. :)


A couple of pics too.






You got a link for the semi rigid mesh please?,  I'm looking for some also.

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On 03/12/2021 at 06:02, Porschaholic said:

Nice job. To be clear; you were able to fit this without taking the bumper off?

Yes, flexible mesh which I fed through the outer middle slot. Fiddly but doable, using some pic tools to grab the zip ties back through made it a lot easier.

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