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High mileage 987.2

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Hi all,


I’m looking to get a 2010 987.2 Cayman, I’ve found a good looking one with 85,000 miles.


Does anyone with experience with these cars know if they tend to require much expensive maintenance?


Reading articles online you don’t here anything bad about them, but it seems like there aren’t that many about with high mileage:

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A good few on p9 albeit a mix of 987.2 and 981 all done well north of 100k. One guy done 200k with just regular maintenance and a couple around 150k mark with some used on track. 



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Agree with the above, I always buy on maintenance history rather than miles. 85k is low mileage in my world 😀

IMO factor in the condition of the consumables - brakes, clutch, suspension, tyres etc , and check the usual suspects such as coolant pipes, and then hold back maybe £1k for any other unexpected bits in the first year. But if its been properly maintained there shouldn't be any unexpected big bills. 



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I had my coffin arms and a few other bushes done just before 30k as part of a full alignment. 


The tech was happy to do it without but said they certainly could do with a refresh. 9 years old so regardless of mileage who knows what potholes etc it had seen. 


Felt a lot tighter after tbf but that could also have been the proper geo.

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There are two slightly separate issues here. One is do with the mechanical side. The other is market value.


Exactly how many miles these cars are good for is debatable and will vary from example to example, though you'd hope the engine would be good for a lot more than 85k.


What can't be debated is that the market doesn't like miles on Porsches. These cars hold their value very well if you don't drive them. But miles hits the market value.


So, if all you care about is the mechanicals, you can progress on that basis. But if you want to keep an eye on resale, you need to price that in. If you bought the car on 85k and took it over the symbolically significant 100k barrier, there's absolutely no doubt that the market for the car would shrink. A lot.


The bottom line is that 85k is quite leggy in market terms so the car needs to be priced to reflect that.

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I bought mine at 80k. Since then it’s had a power steering leak, new front lower suspension arms, new high pressure fuel pump, geometry and new drive belt tensioner. Excluding any work you get done by choice, I would budget about £2k a year for maintenance and you should be fine.

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On 21/04/2023 at 07:05, Windymiller said:

I disagree with this point as a ‘fait accompli’ statement. 

when I had my 987.2 I took her to centre gravity at 11 yrs old and 68k miles on the original suspension. They inspected and tested everything (ie compression and rebound tests with proper equipment, not just a quick manual push down on the corner) and the only thing that needed replacing was a coffin arm. 

The strut and spring rates and ride height were exactly as per the factory limits, so I think the suspension on these is pretty robust (and I tracked her ~5 times a year 2018-2021) if your drive with mechanical sympathy for the machine. 😉👍🏻


If you need them (as they are a common replacement item) coffin arms are not expensive (get MEYLE HD ones from eg Frazerparts or AUTODOC) , but will necessitate a geo set up afterwards. 

as a preventative / preemptive measure and because she was going need a geo anyway I also changed droplinks (Lemforder / MEYLE) and top mounts (OE) at that point. Again, not expensive parts. 

I also don’t think 85k miles on a 11-14 yr old car (as the 987.2 is now), is high. 

i sold Mine with 73k miles on (to a COC member) and she still drove/drives like new and he has had no problems with her in the past 12 months of ownership. I did lavish her with TLC and she wanted for nothing and had had all the ‘usual’ changes during my ownership. 


clutch & flywheel (expensive parts & garage job)

coolant crossover pipes (not so expensive parts & garage job)

front condensers (cheap parts & garage / diy job)

coffin arms & drop links (cheap parts & garage job)

exhaust valve actuators (cheap parts & diy job)

pads (textar) & discs (sebro / pagid) from CP4L (cheapish parts & diy job)

a friend of mine has a 2000 986 Bx with 150k miles and it is faultless. 

these cars are built well and will last of looked after. 👍🏻


Did they put your car on a suspension dyno?

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On 19/05/2023 at 10:31, yuffyhaggo said:


Did they put your car on a suspension dyno?

I don’t know what a suspension dunk is?


but CG used all sorts of equipment that shook and compressed and assessed the suspension in various ways. 

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