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New Cayman owner


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Hi all Forum members.

This looks a great forum with lots of info about these great cars. Got my Cayman S Gen 2 three weeks ago from Stockport Lancashire, and wow what a car!! bit different from my XK8 which I traded in.................... just had to get one of these.

Few jobs to do soon, new rear tyres, discs and pads, which I can do and then a service later on in the year. Did a decent run last week to Nottingham ran great, totally different driving experience to the Jag, nice to drive a manual again. Will be used as a weekend car, garaged and loved but driven like it should be !!!

Will upload some pictures to you

Kind Regards


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1 hour ago, Wrathers said:

Hi all

Thanks for the welcome :) 

Here we go piccies enclosed............. 2nd post so bear with me

First purchase was new coloured wheel centres which has transformed the wheels I think, picture 6









Awesome, Welcome ?


I used to say I'd never own a silver car but I think it's coming back around now and looks absolutely great on a Cayman! Enjoy.

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Thanks for the comments - great people on the forum and nice responses ! Have you spotted my third combo on the drive LOL

not another Cayman but sounds like ......... 2 syllables KA!!!  My daily 55 mile limo ............................Makes you appreciate the Porsche and Bike


Nice R1 I can see there to

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Welcome along! 

My wife, back when she hadn't been promoted to 'Wife' status and was at the rank of 'Girlfriend' still, had a KA... it made me appreciate many things... mainly walking and Kurust! 

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