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Cayman T - hardcore or less for more?


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Looks great (of course), and I'm sure it will have epic handling, go like the clappers riding that torque curve, and sell well....but those perf stats for the non PDK are near as dammit identical to a Gen 1 CS manual. 

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It’s a nice idea but not one that draws me in at all. I get the 911 T, the base engine is plenty powerful enough and you could spec the rear wheel steering and other options to make a cheaper GT3. The base Cayman T power to weight isn’t that impressive and the additional dynamic options don’t impress either. It certainly doesn’t tempt me away from my Cayman R.....

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It’s hardly a cayman R for the 718 generation. 


The R took the top of the range (then) Cayman S and ‘track focussed’ it with some relevant and meaningful suspension improvements and weight saving (eg Ali doors). 


This is taking the base model, adding an LSD, deleting the stereo  and then what... adding £5k to the ticket price....


with the GTS filling the ‘space’ between the S and GT4 these days is there really a ‘need’ for an R type of cayman?


the cayman T strikes me as some shameless marketing hype in an attempt to create a ‘niche’ car that will unnecessarily lead to inflated ‘future classic’ prices in the years to come (a la 991 911 T, 997 911 sport classic etc), just so OPC stealers can flog ‘2nd hand motors’ for more than their list price from the moment after they’ve sold them to the first owner. 


Or perhaps im just cynical in my middle age... 🤔🙄



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