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Any Plans - EV Conversion?

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I was browsing online an came across a project by a company in Bristol converting a 986 Boxter to an EV. After watching the video it doesn't feel like there would be a massive amount of difference between the 986 and 987.1.


I have seen previously people have had rebuilds after various engine failures, installing TPC turbo kits or LS engine swaps. Don't get me wrong, I know EV conversions aren't cheap but neither are the others mentioned; and for the performance/torque gain would most people not go electric?


Has anybody looked in to do something similar to this?




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I watched this too as well as many others as I think we're all going to have to go this way at some point in the future and it's the only way you get to drive a classic looking car with an electric motor.

Yes they are very expensive to do , you can buy a kit from California to convert an old Beetle and I think it's somewhere like £15k +import taxes and freight.

Cayman is going to be £20-£30K I reckon. 

Not sure how you get the Tesla gear, probably from a crashed car.


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