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10 year Anniversary Cayman R/987 Spyder meet May 2021.

Message added by Beanoir™,

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22 minutes ago, Brad Page said:

I'd love to attend - I can bolster up the Spyder numbers 😉

Great, I'll add you to the list, what colour please?

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Quick update, Date is confirmed as Sunday 9th May 2021 at The Sharnbrook Hotel and the itinerary for the day will be something as follows.   Separate parking for Cayman R's and Spyder’s away

I have updated the list on page one, we now have 40 Cayman R's and 2 987 Spyders.   I will confirm the date with the Hotel and provide further updates on bookings etc.   Thanks

Taking the above comments into account my feeling would be to make the food offer something very casual and outdoor, so either a Pizza, burger type thing or a BBQ. No sit down meal. Small entry t

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So everybody, i have now gathered all the colour information on the cars registered thus far which is listed below.


We have 45 R's and 4 Spyder's so if anybody knows 987 Spyder owners give them a nudge.


Colour breakdown is as follows.


 Carrara White -  13

 Peridot Green -  11

 Black -                    8

 Meteor Grey -      3

 Guards Red -       3

 Platinum Silver -  3

 Viper Green -       1

 Aqua Blue -          2

 Speed Yellow -    1


Cayman R's                                                                                                  


0. Beanoir       - Honorary Cayman R owner and Cayman OC founder.

1. Budflicker    - Viper Green                                                                                 2. Pandalf       - Carrara White

3. Frayz          -Peridot Green

4. S3 AKR       - Carrara White

5. Jlittlejohn    - Carrara White

6. Y3 OWA     - Carrara white 

7. Stu T          = Carrara white 

8. SJE             - Aqua Blue 

9. Cliff R          - Peridot Green  

10. Swanny71   - Silver

11. 911Jon         - Silver

12. Mogsmex   - Carrara White

13. Jon704      - Carrara White

14. Ian Jones   -Peridot Green

15. Pete the Glass - Black.

16. RSX Boy    -Meteor Grey

17. CaymanR    - Meteor grey.

18. Julian987   - Black

19. Andy Fagan - Carrara White 

20. Immunda      - Peridot green 

21. Simon Jolly   -Guards Red

22. b4llyd    - Peridot Green

23. Felixgogo   - Silver 

24. Paul Davis   - Peridot Green

25. Martin      -Aqua Blue

26. Grant 964  - Carrara White

27. Gary Stanford - Peridot Green 

28. Draven    -Guards Red

29. K400RDY  -Meteor Grey

30. Cl0v3rl3af   - Carrara White

31. Raj Mistry   -Guards Red

32. N24WAX     - Black

33. Tiffany Barker - Carrara White

34. ScouseR     - Carrara White

35. PeterB24   - Black

36. Paul Stevens - Black

37. ClioTrophey55 - Peridot Green

38. Gregarious      - Peridot Green

39. Andrew Oakley  -Carrara White

40. 4Lime                 -Black

41.  Matt UK             - Peridot Green 

42. Stumpjumper     - Black

43. Eastwood1875   -Black.

44. Alexjc4               - Peridot green.

45. Deltamikealpha    - Guards Red

46. N8jgo                   - Speed Yelow


987 Spyder's


1. Porsche GT4  - Carrara White

2. Stuart Mclaren - Carrara White

3. Spyderman     - Guards Red

4. Brad Page       - Carrara White

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Fantastic job guys. If I can help more than simply getting word out then please let me know.






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1 hour ago, s3 akr said:

There has to be only 1 in viper green!!! 


Just so long as I get to buy that one......

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9 hours ago, Budflicker said:


Just so long as I get to buy that one......

You can, but at a 20% premium!!! 🤣

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1 minute ago, s3 akr said:

You can, but at a 20% premium!!! 🤣

That sounds familiar :4fvgdaq_th:

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6 hours ago, Ian Jones said:

Peridot Green shirts ?? 🤪🤪

As close as possible...



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Provisionally add me to the list provided I can get the Ireland to England ferry logistics to work...I have a friend in Wales I might stay with the night before so I am at least be on English soil the day of the event.


I'll see if I can find any other Ireland/Nth Ireland takers


Carrera White R

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