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Mobile App - BETA testers required!


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Well I'm quite excited to say we're now testing the beta version of the mobile app.  It's not a self developed app, but is provided through our forum host developer, but it's impressive nonetheless.  


The mobile functionality of the website and forum has been pretty smart and functioned ok in the the last couple of years, but the app brings things up to a new level.  It's much more user friendly and fits better with they way in which we're used to interacting with our mobile devices, more intuitive.


The notifications are a great addition meaning that you receive notifications native your mobile device for updates on content/threads you might be following, message replies etc all appear as notifications on your mobile device as they would with any other app.  


We'll be looking for some beta testers in the coming days, so if you don't mind being a guinea pig then please let us know and we'll go about getting you set up on the app.  


A few screen shots 













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Thanks guys, the instructions are as follows...  


Installing the app



Install test flight from IOS App store

Click on below link from Safari 


After installing App, enable notifications

Click on Automotive -> CaymanOC



Android users can download the App from the PlayStore 

Install the app from the below link


After installing App, enable notifications

Click on Automotive -> CaymanOC


Feedback would be greatly appreciated as this is still a BETA app.  

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Just downloaded it and having a play now!

I work in the tech industry and often test beta apps searching for bugs etc... for work. So will let you know. Looks good so far! 

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I’m struggling to access forums directly from the ‘forums’ link.  It displays ‘error’ and closes down the forum and reverts back to the list of my communities.  

Anybody else having this issue?

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2 hours ago, Beanoir™ said:

@Windymiller @jcm987 @Craiglm68 @jaketame @Andy


how are you guys finding it?  Any issues you’ve come across? 

Hi mate


yes sorry took a while to post back


i get the following error on login


Sorry, there is a problem

Invalid Redirection URI

Error code: 2S361/2”

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Apologies I've been busy and haven't given it a proper go. But here are a couple of comments:

After clicking on forums, all the tabs forum announcements, members cars, 987 Cayman tab it says 'error' then crashes and starts the app again. Probably a bug the developer is aware of.

Sign in required every time: I'm sure this is just for the beta version and not final, but auto sign in would be good if possible. 

Maybe move active members to the bottom below the  'Our picks' for more member engagement into the posts


Good stuff:

Streams feature is good, very mobile friendly and easy to navigate

Overall is speed for loading posts is good, even the picture heavy ones. 


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