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Sean C

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I have just recently purchased a Cayman 3.4 2011 R  - 20k Miles -  At auction and thankfully it's only body work that needs to be done - great project for me :)

I have a list of parts that I need -


Most importantly 


Front Drivers Wing - Carrera White
Front bumper including all inserts etc

Front heat light drivers side

Rear lights (pair)
Drivers wing mirror

Rear bumper


Any help / advise / anything to point me in the right direction will be greatly appreciated.


Here's a few pics to see what I'm up against,


Thank you







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Your parts list will cost you a few grand by itself.  I would recommend a high end scrappy or trying your luck with a donor car.


It looks like the chassis has taken some damage all over the place.  Was this a cat S?  If it's out of shape then getting the car jigged is also going to go near enough a grand.


I hope you're not just thinking this will be a straight parts and respray with some filler job... What's the story?

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Could be a good project this, I did see the auction a week or two back.  Look forward to seeing progress, so do put a build thread up.  


The headlight might be the costly part there, the Cayman R units are black and quite rare.  


Watch out for some panels being aluminium on the R, the standard Cayman mostly had steel (maybe not bonnet).  I think it was doors and bonnet on the R. 

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Thanks for the replies,


Chassis is perfect and has not taken any hits at all :)


Already been fully inspected,


Its mostly body work, got the car at a great price so plenty spare for doing this right!

Small dent in the rear crash bar and rear bumper bracket (new ones already on their way)


Already got most of the parts - however lights are proving to be costly!


If anyone can help with lights - that would be great :)


Thank you



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Managed to get a genuine R headlight for £404.00 today :(


Most places wanted £500 +


Its crazy paying that for a headlight! - however this car is now becoming very rare - especially in a manual / carrera white with 20k on the clock - Very Very few in the UK


So this car will be done right - everything back to factory with OEM parts.


The place that initially checked the car structure / alignment for me said they will give me a documentation to show the car has no structure damage at all, only body work so that will help with resale value,


I will also book it for a AA / RAC check or maybe speak to local Porsche stealership and see if that can do something similar.


New genuine rear crash bar fitted today + heat shield. Crash bar went straight on no issues and this is the one that took the slight knock - done its job :)

Also managed a genuine rear light for £135.00,


Front right OEM radiator arriving tomorrow which means the car will be mechanically sound,


And all that is left to do is bodywork.


OEM Front bumper arrived today - Rear bumper on its way with a load of other small parts. 

Ill have some pictures posted tomorrow,


Thank you






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Just a thought,


What would be your preferred option as a buyer?


1) Used genuine OEM wing - Body shop refurbished & painted & fitted,


2) Have the original wing repaired by the body shop - refurbished & painted + fitted.



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Installed OEM radiator last night and front OEM air intake,


Cleaned everything spotless on LHS & RHS or each radiator. My OCD wont let me IMG_5400.jpg.4a302af17ed5bfd0f57571e977916aab.jpgclean one side and not the other!


Car is nowIMG_5396.jpg.64c747a7d6017aca77d04a3dca127c0b.jpg mechanically sound - just body work to continue with :)

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