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Fake Cayman R


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Is that the OPC Bolton car?  I thought about it as it was a good price for an OPC car.  I had in mind a set of decals, painting the spoiler black and R suspension and you'd have 80% of an R for 70% of the cost.

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I like that,  cracking looking little whip. The wheels are glorious looking with the metallic edging. I really like that it’s got the R spoilerettes too, nice detail.  


What’s your plans for it? Keeping stock on the suspension?

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7 hours ago, PMGPete said:

What a lovely showroom.


Cracking choice too

La Girlf was impressed with the showroom and the ambiance. No pushy sales person and as much coffee as we could handle too.


I think I need to save up for a Boxster for her. A lot more expensive than the SLK she had her eye on.

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5 hours ago, graham.reeds said:

Collected my car on Wednesday. Got the full unveiling ceremony.


The gleaming white is now a bit duller after a 120 mile journey across the damp Pennines.


I saw that car when I was there for the Cayenne launch and then when I went in to pick something up on Wednesday morning. Enjoy your new car.

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Just got the car back from the paint shop today and is booked into the detailer for Tuesday next week to remove the old repair treatment and stone chips.


I also have a bunch of interior trim painted white too.


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Unfortunately not. I am holding off on any modifications until I get a new job - then it is full steam ahead with a new steering wheel and then suspension.


I am putting a lot of miles on it (I did more in one week than it did in the prior year recently) and I am due to pass 50k just as it is due its MOT (I bought it at 37k iirc).


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