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Centre rad and grille

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I have a manual 987.2 S and it has no centre front grille, and therefore I assume no Centre radiator. 


I have previously understood that the Centre rad is for the PDK ‘box’, thus not needed in manuals. 


However, I’ve been reading a book on the development of 987 models (boxster and cayman), which indicates that all 987.2 S models had a centre grille and rad irrespective of whether it was a manual or PDK. 




quick survey, if you have a 987.2 S manual, does it have a Centre rad and grille?


Cheers, Jason


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who has a manual 987 S, and does it have a centre grille and rad?


im asking because I’m suddenly having a paranoia moment of ‘has my car been front ended at some point in its life and cheaply repaired...?????’

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That book is probably based on US market cars and specs, I’m guessing as I haven’t read it. 


I always thought, and again I could be wrong, that centre rads were specific to 3.4 PDK cars on the 987.2.  Some manual cars did come with a centre rad where they were built for a hotter climate, so possibly North America is included there and hence why I question the book.   


My CR had no grill in the centre of the bumper, just a plastic insert, and certainly no radiator behind it.  


I reallly wouldn’t worry Jason, if it was supposed to have one it suspect I still would even after a ‘dodgy’ repair.  



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Thanks Nick, that helps. 


The book is written such that it highlights many market / region specific differences between models.  It’s a fascinating read actually about the boxster / cayman evolution right from the 986 (if you’re a bit geeky) ?


I guess the author can be excused for some minor errors ???

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On 03/11/2018 at 20:18, Windymiller said:

Thanks all - sets my mind at rest ??

Manual cars don't have one but you can still install a OEM 3rd radiator if you track your car. 

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