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Upgrade to brake disks


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Hi gang. 


Looking for recommendations for upgrading brake disks on 987 CS for road and track use.  

I had Brembo disks with DS2500 pads and braided hoses last time but the disks have completely worn and cracked with only road use so looking for better please. 



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Take a look at the offerings from Girodisc. These are a laregr size 2 piece item so cope with heat management better. I run them with titanium shims and Pagid RS29s on my Cayman R.

Ive never got on with DS2500s myself, however run RS29s on all my performnace cars over the years been very pleased with them.


Upgrading the fluid at the same time always makes a nice improvemnt to pedal feel too especially if its old.

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Thanks bud. 


Ill take a look. Is it a US based company which means shipping costs need to be added?



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I run the Sebro slotted front disks, RBF 600 fluid, S/S lines and DS2500 pads. This set up has coped with everything I've thrown at it with no fading (quite a few track days). This setup isn't very expensive but I found it to be a big improvement.


If I were to go for a serious setup I'd look at something like this: 



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Thanks guys. 

So I already have the braided hoses and racing fluid.  This time I went for Brembo disks and Pagid RS pads. 

Appreciate the replies / interesting that we all have our own ways of doing things. 


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On 05/06/2019 at 21:23, pstarkey said:

I have the kit from Freaky Parts;




With Carbone Lorraine CL5+ pads, good all round setup with braided lines and ATE 200 fluid.  Gives better bite on track and still ok from cold/for road use.  I appreciate you can go more extreme, but a good balance. 




Would you say these would be better than Brembo brakes for road use for my Cayman R?

I like that these appear to be be larger....but i am not a track person. 

They seem well priced and I can't afford Girodiscs and would never take advantage of such a spend non brakes....but was looking for something just a notch up or two from the norm.


And these are just for the front.... do they not do back ones too?


Any advice would be very much appreciated.

Best regards






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