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How much will the next mile in my 2.7 987 cost me in depreciation?


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Mileage never really bothers me with  cars like these, rather how it feels when driven and how it's been looked after over the years. I hope you get another 100k under the belt! 

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That's barely run in 🙂 ....I've seen pics of 150K miles + on gen 1 CS's, some had been rebuilt, some were original. I'm with Ben; the concept of keeping mileage low to reduce the depreciation (and they ALL depreciate) is not on my radar....I bought it to drive and enjoy, investing in her and keeping her ship shape is part of the joy 🙂

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8 hours ago, zcacogp said:

That's the trouble - I DO worry about miles. I do about 6k pa and I also need to do more .... 



I’m a mile worrier - when buying.


Its often NOT the engine per-se: but the high mileage suspension components, bushes, bodywork exposed to the elements, finicky electrics Etc that freak me out. And can chew some time and money - not to mention cause frustration.


Interior’s stunning BTW. As is the whole car 🙂


Continue to enjoy !!!

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I guess bodywork, electrics etc all fall under the "buy on condition" piece though. Provided that all appears to be in order, the risk of higher mileage cab easily be offset against the money saved at purchase. 


My first Porsche was low mileage/good condition and I felt guilty every time I took it on track and peppered it with stone chips. 


When shopping for my Cayman I was much more relaxed about mileage and prioritised mechanical condition, service history, recent maintenance, and ensuring it had all original panels. As such I ended up with a 98k mile car (the highest mileage car I have ever bought/owned). Apart from the mandatory rusty exhaust studs and a few stone chips, the condition is fantastic and the whole thing feels tight. For my intended usage and the fact that I will likely upgrade suspension, engine /gearbox mounts etc, a low mileage car just didn't offer any benefit

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