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Considering taking the plunge ....

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Hello all, I'm new on this forum as I'm (obviously) considering a Cayman, could someone take a look at these 3 to see what they think?


https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202011166178963 Almost perfect spec and my favourite wheels, but my last 3 cars have been silver  :(


https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202010255422223  High spec, great wheels and I prefer Black cars


https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202009063396888 Good spec, not keen on the  wheels, again prefer black cars


I've owned a couple of 911's  (996 and 997) and fancy something a bit different, I can go to around 17k if needs be. It's not going to be a daily driver.

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Welcome to the OC! 👍


The third one speaks to me, just looks like a nice example in the photos and as you say, a nice spec too.  


Have you viewed any cars at all, difficult right now I accept, but before Lockdown 2.0 began?  

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Third one is over priced for a 55reg imo even though decent spec & lowish mileage... Have to say though that imo they're all over priced 🤔


Buyers market imo... I bought my late '06 S 2yrs ago with full history 61k miles (now on 66k) (lesser spec though) 3 owners with p plate & recent clutch, shocks inc mounts & water pump for £12k... 


2nd on your list speaks to me as an '08 but I'd be happy with the first one for £13k...

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I think the year of manufacture at this age is irrelevant for purposes of value. I’d rather take a mint, well cared for genuine 2005 car than an average 2007 car.

I agree with @Beanoir™ The third car looks like a little gem to me, full Porsche service history, and still has a Porsche warranty! Albeit about to run out, but if you could barter with the seller an extension of that warranty it’s very much worthwhile doing.

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I personally wouldn't get to hung up on spec. 

Just buy the colour you want in the best condition. Agree the bottom one in black with std S wheels does look like it's worth perusing. 

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having had 3 black caymans i would prefer 2 and 3 with a definite preference towards 2 as sport seats are top of my list spec wise.

the 2005 car has cheaper tax but check it has the large ims bearing.

re wheels you could change them.imho carrera s wheels look the best on 987. i would also want to lower any 987(look at the wheel arch gap in the pics)this improves handling so much aswell.


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The 3rd one has been for sale since July 2020, engine number begins 676031xx  so it has the smaller IMS bearing ?


I've discounted the first one as I really don't want yet another silver car



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If your top end is £17k then also look at the base 2.9 gen 2. Lovely sounding engine that's very reliable by all accounts.  Most for sale seem to be very optimistically priced (close to S prices).


Here's a black one with the best wheels IMO. 



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Great minds think alike,  👍 I actually put that 2.9 in my saved items last night along with thse two..






I can go to 20k, I had ringfenced £3k for "eventualities" but maybe I don't need to put thqat much by

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Yeah, go a gen 2 if you can.  The difference in the engine aren't all that subtle IME.


Manual gen 2's will do well in the future as they just aren't making anymore cars like that...


Gen 2S is doable if you find a willing seller over winter (highly likely!)


Joins the various Facebook forums too as stuff often listed there first for a "quick sale".  Get a PPI done and go for it.

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I'd be having a good look at that S you linked to as the warranty etc..  See what's been done if it's a wear and tear warranty - suspension and coolant pipe works...£20k for a good S is possible coming into Xmas.

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Just be careful as a lot of 2.9 Gen2s have been daily drivers and sometimes the maintenance is skimped on.


Check all the usuals:


1. Good quaility tyres matching, N rated if poss.

2. Suspension compenents refreshed.

3. Coolant hoses in the front wheel arches.

4. Gear change cables.

5. Rusty exhaust brackets.

6. damaged aircon condensors from stone damage, check aircon works.

7. Rusty wheel arches, especially front from stone chips.

8. Rust on top edge of tailgate. Rattly tailgate also.

9. When was the clutch changed?


As a guide my 2009 2.9 Gen2 manual, fairly low spec, with only Leather, climate, cruise, parking sensors and 18" alloys as options, with 56k miles went for £18500 at a specialist.

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