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Beanoir's 991 GTS


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continued from the 996 thread...  


My dear other half really can't keep up with my constant car changing, to the point she refuses to get excited about me buying a new car now.  


The 996 has gone, and the X3 is also moving on too.  I decided that I would revert to having just the one car as I'm back to working from home these days and barely drive one car, let alone multiple.  We also have another SUV in the household, so I decided we definitely only need one.  Anyway, so after driving the Cayman GTS4.0 at Silverstone, as much as I wasn't entirely convinced by some aspects of the car, as a package it was still quite compelling in may other ways.  Either way, I think I've chosen a car that does just about do the daily duties that I need from a car.  


I collect the new car on the 29th December...thats a painfully long wait in my books! 



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718 GTS - I don't think you liked it enough from reading on the other thread 

997 GT3 - it's not a daily hack 

991.1 GTS - thats where my money would be 

Cayman R - I reckon you want one, but it doesn't fit the bill 

959 - dream on my friend! 🤣

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what a beauty! 😍 wa it a much better drive over the 4.0 Cayman? did you drive it test drive it the same day as the Cayman? very interested to see what the biggest differences between the two are

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brilliant write up @Beanoir™, always had an itch for the 911 myself but i've never required the rear seats. I do want a go in one to see what all the fuss is about!


Man maths definitely the one to seal the deal i think, i would have done the same thing :)

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  • Beanoir™ changed the title to Beanoir's 991 GTS

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