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New Cayman S owner

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Looks good. The KW's give it a nice stance - looks a lot like an R for ride height. You'll enjoy them when you get on a good road and get into a rhythm. 

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Great looking Cayman, lowered ride height looks better imo. Interested to hear about your thoughts on the KWv3 suspension as I am looking to upgrade suspension on mine from standard. 

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Thanks guys, I have to admit Guards Red wasn't my first colour choice but in the flesh with the black wheels and badge it does look stunning. Also, the mileage is fairly low and the condition is fantastic for the year, plus it had the PSE so I couldn't let it pass!


I also like the lowered look over the standard suspension although it does scrape over some speed bumps and I can't reverse it on my drive due to the road outside my house not being surfaced yet ?


Handling-wise it feels fantastic but I have only driven a standard Cayman S on a 2-minute test drive so can't really compare. I'll likely need to play with the adjustability settings on the coilovers too to get it spot on. I'll be getting some track days booked in soon which will give me a good chance to try different settings.


It's been a great couple of sunny weeks with it so far! ?

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On 10/04/2018 at 16:42, extanker said:

cars that are driven every day usually wind up with KW's back in their box taking up space waiting to be re-sold......imho

Hi extanker,


Can you elaborate on this at all please?

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On 17/04/2018 at 14:05, extanker said:

biggest complaints are getting the set up right .......harsh ride,bottoming out,scrapping on pavement,tire wear from competition alignment  

Ah ok, to me the ride is good, certainly better than my 325d MSport on 19s and run flats!


I do get the occasional scrape on speed bumps so I just take them carefully.


I haven’t played around with the settings yet but plan to do that during the trackdays I’ll get in.


I haven’t had any tyre wear issues, have just had a full set of Michelin PS4S fitted and the wear on the previous Bridgestones was even. 


Hopefully mine don’t end up back in the box :4_joy:

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