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Decat & Air Quality Issues


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18 minutes ago, Aaron said:


Yes, on an individual basis, but not as a collective.  That's why I said, "we can each do our part."


This is true for any contribution that is afflicted by a single individual everyday.  One person making a change is but an inconvenience, yet millions of people can be a mighty old statistic.

“Every ‘big’ helps...”

Sir David John Cameron MacKay FRS FInstP FICE 


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Notwithstanding the fact that if any of us here REALLY cared about the environment would we be driving relatively large displacement NA engined cars in the first place?

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Nicely put Windymiller

I once worked it out how much Jet A fuel is burned per person to fly to Australia in an A380

The A380 carries approx 860 passengers , could carry way more if certain people gave up their private 1st class room and sat in a normal seat.

If I remember correctly and I probably don't I think it was about 450L per one way trip so 900L return pp.

I did work out the mpg pp and it was roughly 40mpg pp. 

Sounds OK but like you say it's a huge amount of fuel. We use about 1500L Oil/yr to heat our house in Scotland to put in perspective.

Flying is too cheap imo , a trip to Aus should be a once in 10yr occasion and some sort of Carbon Credit scheme for every one on the planet , which can be traded for those that don't fly might work. 


"when you coming out again" say's my brother in Michigan...as though they live in Yorkshire..crazy

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Just done the calcs again and they are fairly good.

A380 burns a staggering 12t metric of fuel /hr (1254L fuel = 1t) 

Flight is approx 22hrs (London to Sidney) so burns 22x12t = 264t of fuel or 331,056L 

Divided by 860 = 385 L pp  1 way or 770L pp return


it's 10500miles which works out at 123mpg pp  (I think) 


5000miles  @ 25mpg = 900L pa in your Cayman 

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just a bit more..

Jet A cost £0.32 / L so cost of fuel is approx £100k 

What does a ticket to Sydney cost? 860 passengers even at £1k each is quite a profit but can't add up as they're stopping production /sales of the A380 , too expensive to fly unless it's full to capacity always.

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There was a day in July 2019 where 225,000 planes took off worldwide.


l'm sure a decent whack of smug Tesla etc early adopters were the type to also fly more than the average persons business and holiday miles...


Virtue signaling to the max LOL

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