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CaymanOC Meet - 5th February 2017

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58 minutes ago, Beanoir said:

Welcome Keith :) 




Super Sausage Cafe, Watling Street, Potterspury, 

Towcester, Northampton, NN12 7QD


are you coming along?

I will try to make it, just a bit of a boring drive though M42, M6, M1......

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sorry guys wouldn't get there till after 14:00 as I' ve got a shooting comp on in the morning and a broken window cable so trying to keep journeys to a min till fixed.

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11 hours ago, Red Square Images said:

Sorry - going to have to miss this one. Working on a special project in San Francisco on that day (I know I could have just said "can't make it" but I'm a tad excited ;) )



Bet the sausage out there isn't as good though.... 

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Planning to come along now as just fitted a new set of tyres and a Carnewal exhaust updated Sat nav, new exhaust clamp new tyre sealant. Not sure if I can afford a sausage though lol...

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1. Beanoir 



That's not a record.


Tell me... is the reserved area reserved for Caymans, or for Cayman owners? It may be that someone brings another car for whatever reason.

Do they still park in line with the Caymans or would that look kind of incongruous?

And how is the area "reserved"? What is to stop other cars and bikes parking by the far wall, as they did last time?

Pedantic?... moi?


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