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Cleaning Instrument Binnacle

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So the tops of the dials in my 987 are so dusty, and I can't get my fingers in between the cover and the dials, what do people use to clean here? 


I tried feeding the towel through and pull each end (like you dry through between your legs?) but still dusty, and really shows up in this bright late evening sun! 


Any suggestions? 

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Just noticed in Wilco’s today they do cans of compressed air for cleaning IT kit like keyboards for £4.50 (how much for air!). 


Comes with a little straw like a can of WD-40 does. 


Would be be perfect for blowing the dust out from around the instrument binnacle ??  

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15 hours ago, Red Square Images said:

god bless air lines....



...or 300BAR compressed air cylinders, for another of my hobbies. :/

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